A man by comparing ourselves to others and live line, multiple theft by selling their companies newl

A man by comparing ourselves to others and live line, multiple theft by selling their companies newly developed new smartphone. Since this year, in a electronic companymobile phone protective film a lot of money for technical upgrading project, successfully developed a new smart mobile phone, no matter from appearance or have extremely high expectations from the configuration values. However, just the day before the company is ready to release new smartphones listed, the company market research points out a function and the appearance and development of new intelligent mobile phones similar "shanzhai" prevailed in the market, the company production and sales of the blow. In early may, the company relevant personnel to the public security bureau west green development area police station alarm. Police investigation into production line to understand the actual situation, from product development to production assembly to barter carefully screening the entire production chain, transportation and asked staff daily work life. After a lot of work, the police employees wang mou recent generous.

I have also purchased a premium car, do not tally with the actual receipts and payments. Police around wang mou to investigate, and wang mou again steal mobile phone screen to capture it. After interrogation, wang mou metasomatism, he repeatedly stealing sell company newly developed mobile phone screen and core components. These core components into the market, by the people, the company newly developed new intelligent mobile phone is not listed, that "shanzhai".

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